The Company


The structure: essence and substance of Mechanics Butera

With over 30 automatic and semi-automatic machines, we guarantee a high degree of specialization in four areas in which we operate: Laser Cutting, Deep Drawing, Punching and Carpentry.

Our skilled workers perform manufacturing from design to finished product.

Thanks to our professionalism and quality of services that we offer we have the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Officina Meccanica Lombardia

What we do and how

Our Mission and Our Pledge

Mechanics Butera therefore represents the ideal solution for any company that needs a partner in the field of machining.

Because for us the customer satisfaction is not just a promise, it’s a fact.


Transforming ideas and projects of our customers in products assembled and finished: the mission of Mechanics Butera.

The thirty-year experience of yesterday and the ability to innovate and grow up today and tomorrow: the essence of Mechanics Butera.

Laser Cutting, Deep Drawing, Punching and Carpentry: the substance of Mechanics Butera.

Why choose us?

Mechanics Butera guarantees:

Full availability to the needs of the customer 100%
Speed and punctuality of production 95%
High specialization of services offered 90%
Great flexibility on the volumes of production 90%