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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

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Laser Mechanics Butera: high quality with Laser CY 6000 | ME.BU Srl

To be most efficient in the industry we were among the first in the world to invest into Laser CY 6000, an Italian machine, based on fibre optic technology, true vanguard of the industry.

Laser CY 6000 Plus allows us to maintain the highest quality on all materials, in less time, by exploiting the larger dimensions of the countertop (4 m x 2 m), compared to standard machines (3 m x 1.5 m).

Why choose Mechanics Butera and Laser CY 6000 Plus

Quality and Materials

High quality cutting of materials that can be notoriously difficult for laser technology.

Production Batches

Particularly suitable in the production of small batches.


Saving energy costs up to 70%.

Cut thicknesses

Carbon steel (iron): up to 15 mm; Stainless steel: up to 10 mm; Aluminium: up to 8 mm.

With CY Laser 600 Plus we offer you the best of varese Laser Blade Cut. And not only that!

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